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“In conducting your business with us you will always be in touch personally with Kari Heinonen, LL.M. Kari has plentiful experience in working with legal matters in various fields of business and elsewhere, in international agreements, information and telecommunication technology projects, and for private persons. If the client’s matter requires cooperation with an outside partner, in those cases too you will still be dealing with Kari. Practical and personal service makes life easier in most legal matters.”

Presumably you are prepared to pay a reasonable price for service that meets your expectations. You will want value for money and transparency in pricing.

“We don’t claim to be the cheapest law firm on the market, nor do I believe that our clients base their choices solely on price. However, we are intent on being one of the best options on the market when it comes to overall value. In the initial meeting, which is free of charge, we will work with you to assess as accurately as possible the amount of work that is likely to be involved in the assignment you give us. We will maintain regular contact with you throughout the assignment to keep you informed of developments with the workload. In this way you pay only for what has been agreed on together. The prices we agree on with our clients include the normal general expenses of a law firm, and invoicing will present no unpleasant surprises.”

Even after your assignment has been handled to completion, we will be happy to contact you, free of charge, to make sure you are satisfied.

The primary aim of our services is efficient resolution of legal assignments in accordance with the specific objectives of each client.


Our fee is based on the number of work hours involved and on the nature of the matter.

We primarily use an hourly rate (minimum charge ½ hour):

  • EUR 195.00 for private persons
  • EUR 195.00 plus 24% VAT for corporate clients

Depending on the matter in question, it is possible to agree on a fixed or benefit-related price.

Assignments that are not carried out in Finnish are primarily done in English, and in such circumstances a higher fee is applied.


KARI HEINONEN Oikeustieteen maisteri, eMBA

Licenced Attorney at Law
Master of Laws, eMBA

+358 (0)50 4065038