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Goal-driven and practical legal services


Are you looking for legal services in Finland? We are a law firm that can meet your needs flexibly and cost-effectively.

Whether for private or company matters, we are confident that you place a high value on personalised and committed service, and on speedy and affordable problem solving. The primary aim of our services is efficient resolution of legal assignments in accordance with the specific objectives of each client. Our clients also expect law firms to provide convenient service.

“Kari Heinonen’s strengths are broad-based experience in international business
and a commitment to client service and resolving assignments.”


Even a casual acquaintance with philosophy would reveal the significance of Ancient Greece for the professions and ethics of the present day. Jurists are likely to be more drawn to Plato’s reasoned way of explaining the world than to Aristotle’s. In our contemporary legal environment, however, human rights and basic rights have such a significant role that a philosophy that builds on several of Aristotle’s insights may seem more fitting, even modern. Aristotle saw that the world could be made a better place when thought combined goal-directed use of reason, on the one hand, with scientific wisdom that is sensitive to the world around us, on the other. Aristotle used the term sophia to describe the latter virtue, and the former he captured with the concept of phronêsis.

Legal reasoning and other effort towards solutions always have a clear objective, which the jurist works to grasp from the moment the assignment is given. From this standpoint, the work of a law firm is well described by phronêsis – without forgetting about wisdom, sophia.

We apply this thinking for the benefit of our clients.

”Phronesis Oy’s work is characterised by a clear effort to provide legal advice and protection to private persons and small and medium enterprises, conveniently and at reasonable cost.”


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